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Why make films

We aim to restore hope and present plans of action.
Our Mission
Impactful storytelling for climate change

We are living in a time where hope is urgently needed when discussing the climate crisis. Green Bridge Films tell stories that will shift audience members from a place of impotence into one of action.

We celebrate trailblazers who are preserving and restoring the environment. There are incredible people out there doing outstanding work that deserve our attention.

Our mission is to tell their stories.

Filmmaking is our tool of choice to propel forward professionals that can affect global change. For that reason, distribution is an essential part of our company, since we understand the impact of getting each picture into the right hands.

We collaborate with purpose-driven artists and businesses, who, like us, aim to repair cultural optimism and inspire more solution-makers to bring their talents to the table.

We tell mission-driven stories
Collaborate with us to create impactful films for your organization.